Pentecostal Young People's Association- PYPA

Objective of PYPA (Pentecostal Young People's Association) is to find and develop the God given talents of the young generation; PCK PYPA has a wide variety of activities to promote their spiritual growth and their talents, to give them proper guidance and to equip them to stand strong in their Christian walk.

PYPA members beleive that, they have an active role in the ministry of church, reaching youngsters for Christ, extending financial assistance to needy believers.

We believe the PYPA should be youthful face of the church.


The Pentecostal Young People’s Association (PYPA), the youth wing of IPC was founded in 1947 by a few Pentecostal college students from U.C College, Alwaye and Maharaja’s College, Trivandrum. It was created for the development of social, mental, cultural, and above all, spiritual development of Pentecostal youths. Its motto is “Saved to Serve”.  

 A unit of the PYPA was formed in the Pentecostal Church of Kuwait(PCK) in the year 1979, under the chairmanship of late Pastor E.J Oommen. All born again members of the church can become members of this organization and there is no age bar for PCK PYPA. In the last 33 years God has provide us the opportunity to remain active in various functions of the church. We remember our senior members of PCK PYPA who started the good work by His grace. Some of them are already retired and left Kuwait.

Charity and Evengelization support

Apart from the spiritual and activities within our church, PCK PYPA extends financial support  to many charitable works in India. The funds for such works are from money boxes distributed to each PCK families and also from individual sponsors.

Currently PCK PYPA supporting around 30 aged Pastors  in India by sending a fixed amount per month, who are  sick and in need of financial support.  We also extending helping hands to widows, education fund for students, medical treatment aid and marriage fund support to deserving financially underprivileged families.

Past years, God enabled us to construct many church buildings and number of houses to many homeless believers in different states of India.   

Outreach programs

PCK PYPA is actively participating in our church’s evangelism efforts by conducting prayer meetings in the bachelor housing in Kuwait and we visit them on regular basis to strengthen the Christian fellowship among young believers. We give much attention to visit and pray for people going through hard time, those who are jobless, and those who are sick.

PCK PYPA giving much importance to prayer and PYPA members are finding time for intercessory prayer on every Thursday evening, at Hall of Rehoboth Abbassia, which is the secret of success of all PYPA activities.